Tell Nevada Dems: “Do Not Cheat Your Own Party Members!”

Tell Nevada Dems: “Do Not Cheat Your Own Party Members!”

Nevada Democrats – STOP THE CHEATING!

The Democratic Party of Nevada is playing unfairly, changing the rules on a whim to circumvent Democracy (and the entire point of their stupid caucus system). They are resorting to such tactics to steal delegates from Bernie - though they have absolutely no right/reason to do so.

Confused? Let me explain:
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The Caucus system is archiac and stupid for many reasons, one of them being that it is extremely time consuming.
Despite that fact, the justification for such a system has often been phrases like "it allows for true debate and open democracy" and that is "rewards the dedicated". This is because a caucus is a three "round" system, starting at the smallest level on election day - the Precinct Caucus. At a this first round, you meet with your neighborhood, decide what your neighborhood thinks is the best candidate, and you elect a representative to go on to County Convention. Bernie lost this tally of all the votes of all the neighborhoods in Nevada in the first round. Hillary had more delegates, initially.

Those delegates for Bernie and Hillary all move on to the County Convention, "round two", where all the neighborhoods get together in their state district and do the same thing, eventually nominating a district representative to go on to State Convention. Bernie won the County Conventions because Hillary's people were not dedicated to show up for the second round. This is how caucuses "reward the dedicated". While I think this is an insane complex timesuck system, it certainly is part of the system, and you have to see the election through fairly the entire way. Bernie's delegates were able to steal Hillary's seats and Bernie ultimately ended up with more pledged delegates. Bernie wins.

Now, from what we understand, on May 14th, 2016, before "Round Three" in Nevada, the State Convention, all those Bernie delegates appeared to have showed up for sign in. But before they could be seated, Roberta Lange forced a vote to try an honor the first rounds results - totally destroying the purpose/rules of the caucus system. a system which we may hate but we followed as part of the rules. You can't pretend the initial caucus is a Primary, if the initial vote was a Primary, more Bernie voters would have initially had an opportunity to vote! You can't just circumvent Democracy in round three! The party now claims that these delegates were denied due to valid reasons, like not being registered on time or not having a valid address on file - but as far as we can tell from other state's rules, that's what alternates are for.

Update: 1:36pm 5/18/16 Sanders Statement on Nevada - Bernie Sanders

Final Count - "showed 1,693 Clinton supporters in attendance to Sanders's 1,662."

The party now claims that these delegates were denied due to valid reasons, like not being registered on time or not having a valid address on file - but as far as we can tell from other state's rules, that's what alternates are for. However, if the situation was completely within the states rules, there certainly was a lot of confusion, lawyer, police and "rush votes" for a "by the books" convention. We really need to reconsider this undemocratic system. How the hell do these people get past the County Conventions to State without the correct information? This doesn't add up...however, to be clear - the Party itself says there was no wrong doing and we completely have misunderstood the process. There certainly appears to be a lot of video, and disagreement, and confusion, regarding a "by the books" convention. And also, if these folks are not registered Dems and had address issues, how did they make it through the first two rounds of caucus? (apparently you would have to be registered Dem by May 1st?) That's is a seriously terrible system if people can voter fraud their way to the state convention. At least in one scenrario both sides can agree - we need to change this terrible caucus system.

Statement from NV Dems says that both sides were treated fairly, and that

"Party officials said the ineligible Sanders supporters weren't registered as Democrats by a May 1 deadline or didn't provide necessary personal information. They said eight would-be Clinton supporters were also disqualified." - KOLO

For the record, the party states that any insinuation of wrongdoing is totally inaccurate.

"Any insinuation of unfairness is totally inaccurate. The Nevada State Democratic Party abided by the unanimous rules set forth by the Credentials Committee, which was comprised of party leaders and officials with an equal division of both Clinton and Sanders campaign supporters."

See more information, developing articles and social media stuff below our quick contacts.

Because we're so damn angry about this, we've created a special Nevada Democrats auto-tweet and easy-contact page! Below are links to Roberta Lange's public Twitter page, as well as links to The Nevada Democratic Party's pages. These are officials who represent the party that nominates our leaders, and while they're not directly elected leaders, they are elected by party members and ultimately play a huge rule in determining who we choose to elect. If they use their power to circumvent Democracy, the voice of the people will rise up and demand to be heard! You cannot stop the Revolution by playing an unfair game - if you rig the game against the people, we will quickly turn our backs on the party and disown those who will not represent us!

Tell the party to represent democracy, or risk losing us as Democrats altogether!

Together, we can show them they should not disrespect our vote, that our voice has power, and that Democracy is the bedrock of our nation and must stand strong in our party!

Tell ‘Em What You Think

Tell 'em what you think about them robbing you your choice!
We follow this insane caucus system and then they punish us for winning it?!
This insane voter suppression by the party that claims to care about Democracy has to end!

Contacts for Roberta Lange, the Party Leader responsible for pushing an early vote before all the delegates were seated, alongside the Nevada Democratic Party contact information, is listed below.

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Roberta Lange – Chairwoman Nevada State Democratic Party & DNC Executive Committee

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Nevada Democratic Party

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Thank You Erin Bilbray for Championing Democracy!

While many in the Nevada Democratic Party appear to have been working to alter the rules on gameday, there were several individuals who did fight like crazy to make sure that Bernie Sanders supporters had a voice, one of them being Erin Bilbray, DNC Nevada National Committee woman. Go ahead and give her a giant thank you for championing Democracy! 

You can reach her at:

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This Awfulness As Captured By Social Media:

What the hell just happened in Nevada? Sanders supporters are fed up - and rightfully so