Wisconsin – Ask Your Superdelegates to Align with The People!

Wisconsin – Ask Your Superdelegates to Align with The People!


On April 5th, 2016, the people of the great state of Wisconsin voted overwhelmingly for Bernie Sanders as their choice for President of the United States.
There are 10 individuals that represent our state and have "Superdelegate" status,
a group of Establishment Party officials who retain a special delegate value in and of themselves.

The Superdelegates should represent the will of the people and align their votes to that of their constituents. The people have spoken. We were not given an option of Presidential Nominees when the these Superdelegates were chosen. Instead, Establishment Politicians override our vote with their party allegiances when their allegiance should be to the great state they swore to serve! Their fate as elected officials is in our hands and we have shown that we are paying attention! We will organize in great numbers as we did on April 5th, and we will make our vote based on theirs!

As citizens of this beautiful state, we reject the concept that one individual has more value than thousands of us who have already made our choice! Superdelegates, align yourself with the voters or risk losing your support among your constituency. You swore to represent our interests, not beholden to any other state or National Party. Now, do your duty.


Below is a list of individuals who have already aligned their delegate representation to Hillary Clinton, despite your vote!

Let em know who gave them a job!

Tammy Baldwin - Senator
Ron Kind - Representative
Gwen Moore - Representative

Contact information and "Click to Tweet" buttons available below! Make sure YOUR voice is the loudest in YOUR government!!



Tammy Baldwin – Senator

[fac_icon icon="phone-square"](202) 224-5653

[fac_button icon="internet-explorer" name="website" title="website" link="www.baldwin.senate.gov" target="_blank"][fac_button icon="facebook-official" name="facebook" title="facebook" link="https://www.facebook.com/senatortammybaldwin" target="_blank"][fac_button icon="twitter-square" name="twitter" title="twitter" link="https://twitter.com/senatorbaldwin" target="_blank"]

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Green / "@senatorbaldwin please join the majority of Wisconsin citizens and align your superdelegate vote with Bernie Sanders! Join the revolution!"

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Red / "@senatorbaldwin align your superdelegate vote with Bernie Sanders or Wisconsin will primary you out next election! Our voice must be heard!"

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Blue / "@senatorbaldwin please support the stronger candidate who can defeat Trump, or Cruz in the general election! Bernie is the right choice!"

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Ron Kind – Third Congressional District, Representative

[fac_icon icon="phone-square"](202) 225-5506
[fac_button icon="internet-explorer" name="website" title="website" link="https://kind.house.gov/" target="_blank"][fac_button icon="facebook-square" name="facebook" title="facebook" link="https://www.facebook.com/repronkind" target="_blank"][fac_button icon="twitter-square" name="twitter" title="Twitter" link="https://twitter.com/repronkind" target="_blank"]

Green / "@repronkind Bernie Sanders dominated the vote in your congressional district! Please align your voice with the people you represent! join us"

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Red / "@repronkind Bernie Sanders dominated the vote in your congressional district! Represent us or we will find better representation next time!"

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Blue / "@repronkind Bernie Sanders is the strongest candidate to defeat Trump, Kasich or Cruz in November! Please join WI in supporting Bernie!"

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Gwen Moore – Fourth Congressional District, Representative

[fac_icon icon="phone-square"](202) 225-4572
[fac_button icon="internet-explorer" name="website" title="website" link="https://gwenmoore.house.gov/" target="_blank"][fac_button icon="facebook-official" name="facebook" title="facebook" link="https://www.facebook.com/GwenSMoore" target="_blank"][fac_button icon="twitter-square" name="twitter" title="twitter" link="https://twitter.com/repgwenmoore" target="_blank"][fac_button icon="google-plus" name="Googleplus" title="Googleplus" link="https://plus.google.com/u/0/107074396864162358753/about" target="_blank"]

We're made it easy for you! Click below to tell the Congresswoman:

Green / "@repgwenmoore Wisconsin supports Bernie Sanders! Please consider aligning your voice with the people and join us in supporting Bernie!"

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Red / "@repgwenmoore Wisconsin supports Bernie Sanders! Support our state and align your voice with ours or we will primary you out in the future!"

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Blue / " @repgwenmoore Throw your support behind the stronger candidate who can beat any Republican hands down in November! Support Bernie Sanders!"

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Mark Pocan – 2nd Congressional District, Representative

[fac_icon icon="phone-square"]202-225-2906
[fac_button icon="internet-explorer" name="website" title="website" link="https://pocan.house.gov/" target="_blank"][fac_button icon="facebook-official" name="facebook" title="facebook" link="https://www.facebook.com/repmarkpocan" target="_blank"][fac_button icon="twitter-square" name="twitter" title="twitter" link="https://twitter.com/repmarkpocan" target="_blank"]

Green / "@repmarkpocan please consider aligning your superdelegate vote with Bernie Sanders - a strong choice for America! Wisconsin will support you"

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Blue / "@repmarkpocan Bernie Sanders is the strongest candidate to defeat any Republican in the General Election! He has the energy! Support him!"

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We do not support contacting these Superdelegates outright unless they make themselves publicly available. They are not elected officials, and while it is some weird, undemocratic situation where their unelected vote still means more than ours, that's apparently how this works.

If they make themselves publicly available online in some form, we will provide the contact - it could not hurt for them to see who makes the party strongest, and who has the greatest chance of beating Donald Trump/Ted Cruz/John Kasich in the General Election.

Just something to think about, DNC Unelected Superdelegates...

(italics below represents an undecided DNC superdelegate)

Christine Bremer Muggli
Michael Childers
Martha Laning
Martha Love
Jason Rae