Flood the SuperDelegates

Flood the SuperDelegates

The concept of SuperDelegates is terribly undemocratic. In the case of the 2016 Primaries, the Superdelegates have been used
by the media as a tool to make voters believe the election is far outside of Bernie Sander's hands. They were wrong.

Now, as it comes down to a Contested Convention, we need to impress upon the SuperDelegates more than ever that they should look towards the choices of their constituents, and to the General Election in November, and see that Bernie Sanders is the strongest choice!

To that effect, we have created the "Flood the Delegates" portion of The Bernie Directory - an idea that the people, speaking in unison through many forms of publicly available communication, should be able to impress upon their elected REPRESENTATIVES the desire of the electorate. The people can speak loudly together, and these folks represent US - our wishes, our beliefs. Let them know your opinion, it's your right as an American.

Easy call, Facebook, Twitter and auto-tweets for elected SuperDelegates. Enough of us, speaking respectfully together, should be able to show that the populus, the momentum and the power is behind Bernie Sanders. The Democratic Party would gain a monumental advantage over Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and John Kasich in November by backing Bernie Sanders. Bernie destroys all Republican competition in head to head polls and the reason is simple - Bernie is the superior, more trustworthy candidate. And those Establishment Politicians too offended by the message to get onboard should know that we can choose whether to support and primary out those elected officials for others who will better represent us.

Flood the SuperDelegates - now it's time to let them know (respectfully, be polite, and only contact their publically available means communication) who gave them a job, and what our beliefs our. We WILL win a contested convention in Philadelphia - because Bernie is the stronger candidate.

Each Representative has AutoTweet functionality, with several different messages so you can apply whatever tone you see fit! Various options include the below:

Green buttons represent "Friendly/Requesting" Toned Tweets

Red buttons represent more "Aggressive" Toned Tweets regarding being Primaried Out or not support in the next election.

Blue (our newest offer) features info or a message about how Bernie Sanders is the stronger candidate to win in the general election (these options are still coming out for each superdelegate, be patient).

We will offer more states soon!