Tell Donald Trump: “Don’t Chicken Out on The Sanders/Trump Debate”

Tell Donald Trump: “Don’t Chicken Out on The Sanders/Trump Debate”

Don’t Be a Chicken, Donald Trump!

Donald Drumpf has agreed to a debate with Senator Bernie Sanders - the only problem is that Drumpf has a history of chickening out of debates.

According to Bernie Sander's campaign manager Jeff Weaver:

“There have been some communication between the campaigns. A number of networks have put forward proposals, including some that would put seven-figure amounts into charity,” Weaver said. “You know this, seems to meet the parameters of what Donald Trump suggested he'd be willing to do.”

So what's the friggin hold-up?!

It appears that the Donald is afraid of Bernie Sanders and is going to drag his feet on this debate. It's important that we keep the pressure on him, pushing him towards a debate by letting him know that this makes him appear as a weak candidate.

We're ready to rumble, Drumpf. Where you at?

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"@realDonaldTrump is it true that youre backing out of a debate with Bernie? Sounds like you're as intimidated as Hillary! Don't chicken out!"

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"@realDonaldTrump you said you'd love to debate Bernie Sanders? Why are you dragging your feet? We're ready for this debate - where you at?"

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"@realDonaldTrump are you going to debate with Bernie?! Itd be YUGE, the greatest political televised event ever. Why are you chickening out?"

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"@realDonaldTrump we knew that you'd never be willing to debate Bernie - his policies are stronger and he'd beat you in a general election!"

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"@realDonaldTrump sounds like the networks are onboard with that charity money, Bernie is about you? Afraid to debate?"

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"@realDonaldTrump tell your team to quit dragging their feet - want to debate? then lets do this. Networks are in, Bernie is in. Where u at?"

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The Full Back Story

(aware of how this all went down? skip below for contacts and auto-tweet options)

The seed was officially planted starting on Wednesday night.

Donald Drumpf was on The Jimmy Kimmel Live show, which is hosted in LA, and was presented a question that Bernie Sanders team had planted. You can watch the exchange below:

To which Bernie has replied:

Afterwards, when Drumpf clinched the party nomination of Team SuperEvil, he went on to clarify the requirements for debate, and it appears that the networks and Bernie's team have met them.

So what's the friggin hold up? It appears that Drumpf and his campaign are worried they might lose this debate, and bringing Drumpf on to look like a fool is not the Republicans modus operandi. But I'd venture a guess that behind all that is an intimidated Drumpf knowing he doesn't stand a chance against one of America's most thoughtful lawmakers.

So we need to hold him to it!
Below is contact info and auto-tweets allowing you to easily to ask the Drumpf "Why you so scurred?"
And America - got a Drumpf problem? Solve it, by voting for Bernie Sanders!