Tell The Democratic Party – We Vote Our Conscience!

Tell The Democratic Party – We Vote Our Conscience!

Establishment Democrats – Do Not Take Us For Granted!

In theory, Primaries are supposed to be a non-biased contest about vetting a candidate who best aligns with the party ideals and is the most likely to defeat their opponents in a general election. Strangely, this has not been the case in 2016. While Establishment Democrats could align themselves with the extremely popular Senator from Vermont, Bernie Sanders, who poll after poll suggests has a stronger chance of defeating Republican nominee Donald Trump, they have instead chosen to throw their support behind a well known, weaker candidate. The reasons they have done this are numerous, but most center around the fact that Bernie believes wealth and power should be more equally distributed both within our economy and within our government. This would take power away from the powerful, and Democrats have become bedfellows with the Oligarchy the claim to fight against, same as the Republicans.

As Americans participating in our Democracy, we are not force-bound to teams or party allegiances. We are thinking beings who are able to weigh if a candidate properly represents our views. If the individual does not represent our views, there is no obligation to 'fall in line' and vote for The Party's choice in nominee.  You aren't tattoo'd "Republican" or "Democrat" at birth, and some of us would venture an argument that they are one-in-the-same outside of Social Policy by this point, or at least close enough that we Progressives, the "Democratic Wing of the Democratic Party", have decided to push ourselves away from establishment politicians entirely. To continue to push forward their weaker candidate, Establishment Democrats have undermined the very Democracy they claim to protect by having the media exhault the SuperDelegates during the primary contests while not considering their actual role at the National Convention, allowing for baffling rush-rules changes at the Nevada Democratic Convention which would void the point of three tiered caucus system entirely, by created a false narrative of violence among Bernie supporters when they are upset that someone is undermining their chance at a better life, by scheduling a meek number of debates all on weekends or during evenings where large sporting events would surely eclipse the discussion, by shunning Bernie Sander's convention committee choices at the National Convention despite the Senator winning 21 states contests up to this point, by taking away Bernie's access to his data for a breach that appeared to be innocuous and by displaying extreme bias for the Establishment figure from almost every single politician or establishment economist they could find even when the reasoning was sloppy and flawed - all this on top of numerous allegations of voter fraud and electioneering. AND with the assistance of Corporate Media, who now find themselves allies with whoever will represent profits and earnings be they Democrat or Republican.

Establishment Democrats are now using the outrage in Nevada as a wedge issue to force silence upon those mistreated in future conventions. They would all but abandon Robert's Rules of Order, a long held non-partisan standard for organizing public meetings. This would simply be another attack on a Progressive's ability to speak out against the moderate leanings of Establishment Dems. Using fear of physical violence to mask the fear of true democracy, Establishment Dems are going to try to put the final nail in the coffin of democracy, completely nullifying the purpose of conventions or caucuses, essentially making them giant awards ceremonies for winners and losers. This is not okay! 

Democrats consider new rules to avoid convention chaos

PHILADELPHIA - Still reeling from the chaos surrounding last weekend's Nevada Democratic State Convention, party officials considered new guidelines Friday that would bar interruptions of any kind at upcoming state conventions. Last week's unrest was on everyone's mind at a meeting here of State Democratic Party chairmen, who rallied around Roberta Lange, the Nevada chair who has received death threats from supporters of Bernie Sanders.



Hear us now, Establishment Democrats: YOU DO NOT CURRENTLY HAVE OUR VOTE. Many of us were not Democrats before this contest began for many various reasons, but if you want the funding and grassroots support we gave Bernie Sanders in the primary, then you'd better run him as your nominee in the General. Many of us see Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump as very similar evils and could not bring ourselves to vote for any candidate who supports Fracking, the TPP, Endless Regime Change style Foreign Policy, or takes SuperPAC money while claiming to reject SuperPACs. We are not "good little soldiers" and will not kowtow to your rhetoric. Trumps divisive language is poison, but no more so than Clinton's divisive policies.

DO NOT assume that we will vote for you because you gave us an ultimatum. Many of us are not afraid to stand up for our beliefs. Many of us will stand with the Courage of Our Convictions AND WILL NOT SIDE WITH HILLARY CLINTON, no matter what. She doesn't represent us and, unless we can change the party, neither will YOU! Also, if you attempt to say our criticisms of the front runner are right wing rhetoric, we will call you fools who cannot uphold an argument against us, so you resort to name calling. We are Progressives - our beliefs come from the more liberal portion of the party. How dare you charge that we cannot think for ourselves, that our critiques cannot come from our own individual assessment, that we cannot do our own research and discern the facts from fiction. Considering the media and our politicians have been inflating the airwaves with so many lies for so long, give us a good reason why we should trust you...

...there is none.


We've included easy contact information for The Democratic Party, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Hillary Clinton, and several media outlets - our message must be heard. Democrats currently think that ignoring the #BernieOrBust team will eventually lead to our obedience - PROVE THEM WRONG!


Please also check out our Flood the SuperDelegates and #WTFNV pages.

The Democratic Party

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We've made it easy for you! Click below to tell the party:

"@TheDemocrats are being anti-democratic by endorsing rule changes that silence Roberts Rules and snuff out any grassroots opposition! Shame!"

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"@TheDemocrats are just as bad as the @GOP - corrupt, corporation loving, big pharma friendly, lobbyist cuddling establishment social clubs!"

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"With @TheDemocrats working so hard to silence their own party, I feel like I've walked into the Twilight Zone! What happened to this party!?"

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"@TheDemocrats have decided to abandon their support for grassroots, unions, laborers of all types, the environment - all to maintain power"

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"@TheDemocrats better respect the Democratic Wing of the Democratic Party, or they will continue to lose voters and elections!"

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"@TheDemocrats should know that if they want to win in November, they should nominate @BernieSanders for President! Only he beats Trump!"

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"Hey @TheDemocrats, We will not vote for Hillary, not now and not in November! I don't vote for conservatives! ;)"

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"@TheDemocrats must be insane to think I would turn my back on Progressive values and vote for pro-fracking, pro-SuperPAC establishment HRC"

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"I don't understand why @TheDemocrats cannot realize that @BernieSanders is the best chance to beat Trump! Only Bernie Can Win!"

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Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Florida's 23rd District Congresswoman

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"@RepDWStweets is incapable of unifying the party - she cannot see clearly that her chosen candidate is the weaker one! Only Bernie can win!"

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"@RepDWStweets how can you be working to unify a party when you're so busy trying to stifle a large portion of it? Shame on you!"

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"@RepDWStweets is an establishment crony who is working hard to silence democracy and weed out dissent within her own party. Shame on you!"

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"@RepDWStweets you're worse than the @GOP - you should resign and allow someone non-biased to take you position!"

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Hillary Clinton

Former Secretary of State

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"@HillaryClinton you might as well throw in the towel now...we're never going to vote for you! You are a corrupt warhawk as bad as the @GOP "

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"@HillaryClinton you and @TheDemocrats are stifling Democracy and are ultimately the face of what is wrong in politics! Only Bernie can win!"

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"@HillaryClinton can't beat Trump in poll after poll and still @DWStweets and @TheDemocrats charge forward to failure. There is another way!"

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Still upset with the Party that's supposed to represent you, who instead represents the views of Oligarchs?

floodWe've got more ways to tell them you're not going to surrender to their mistreatment:

#WTFNV - Tell the Nevada Democratic Party that by mistreating their constituents, they are leaving a hideous scar on the relationship between their party and Progressives. Do not take your own party members for granted!

Flood The SuperDelegates - Sick of hearing about these SuperDs on mainstream media? Tired of Establishment Politicians who consistently fail at their jobs and accomplishing their goals, telling you who to vote for President? Upset that this group of people is completely ignoring logic so that they can Mondale their way to defeat? Let the SuperDelegates of Colorado, Minnesota, Washington and Wisconsin know that they should align their votes with their constituents, or face being Primary'd out as soon as possible!

KING: Here's why I'm leaving the Democratic Party

Many of you aren't religious, so please forgive me for recalling my roots as a preacher and starting us off with a simple verse of scripture. "The love of money is the root of all kinds of evil."

Sen. Jeff Merkley: Before Democratic unity, Sanders supporters need respect

WASHINGTON - Amid rising concerns about a deepening Democratic divide, one of Sen. Bernie Sanders' top supporters said party leaders and the Hillary Clinton campaign must give backers of the Vermont senator a chance to be heard at the national convention this summer if they expect the party to unite behind her.