How to #DemExit

How to #DemExit

So You Wanna Leave the Democratic Party, eh?


The way the Democrats have scorned the Progressive wing of the party this election cycle has been shameful and the Party has become undeserving of our membership. Below we have all the information about how to switch your party registration, when you should leave the Party, and options of "Where to Go From Here" with your activism and Party affiliation. If you are intending on leaving the Democratic Party, I hope you are not giving up on the revolution and are instead intending to align with a third party or go independent but remain vocal in the fight for universal healthcare, human rights, and a Democracy that represents the People and not the Corporate Interests.

If you plan to join a third party, you should start helping out their Presidential and local efforts immediately. Even if you are still registered as a Democrat, these parties are built on Grassroots Support an can only thrive with your active participation, just like Bernie's campaign. On your #DemExit day, you can join whatever party or no party whatsoever, but if you believe in a platform like Bernie's, you should join a cause!

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2 Ways to #DemExit

  1. You don't care about the Democratic Party anymore, period, and it really doesn't matter if we're able to push the party to the left in Primaries. You want out of the party and you want out of the party now. You're free to leave the Party at any time, but your #DemExit Date would be July 28th/29th, the day of/after the Democratic Party Convention. You can find out how to reregister following our link for your state below.
  2. The second approach is the one we're advocating and call the "Progressive Wave" approach. This version of #DemExit recognizes that there are still State Primaries in 21 states where Progressives may be in the running. We want those voters to stay in the party to push the Democratics as far to the left as possible, just like Bernie Sanders has been advocating us to do since the California Primary. Now I'm not suggesting you stay a Democrat - after your below listed #DemExit date, you should leave the Party of corruption and go someplace well suited for yourself. We will be a wave of people leaving the party until the membership roles are empty and their activist base depleted. Me, I'm going Green because that's most like Bernie's platform, but that's a different story.

    Progressives like Zephyr Teachout are now on their way to elected positions, and that benefits all of us, so we suggest you take the "Progressive Wave" approach, but we don't blame you for wanting to jump ship on the Democratic Party right away. Many of you can (30+ states) leave on the standard #DemExit date. However, the Democratic Party as a whole is corrupt, and we should be empowering other parties that work to empower us, not the Establishment.

Update 7/11/2016

Due to a possible certain endorsement maybe being in the pipeline, many people are choosing the nuclear option and jumping from the party already. While we encourage a Progressive Wave approach, our main goal is to assist anyone in leaving the Democratic Party. Good job, and good luck! Please remain involved in the revolution!


If today is your #DemExit day, please consider declaring your independence and registering as a Green Party member.

When Do I #DemExit?

  • The following states will be able to #DemExit on July 28th/29th if you follow a "Progressive Wave" approach: Alabama, California, Colorado, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Missisippi, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Virginia, West Virginia, Washington DC.
  • Here is a list of states that would not leave the party on July 28th/29th and when those voters should #DemExit, if they wish to follow the "Progressive Wave" approach:
    • Alaska (August 16th)
    • Arizona  (August 30th)
    • Arkansas (August 9th)
    • Connecticut (August 9th)
    • Delaware (September 13th)
    • Florida (August 30th)
    • Hawaii (August 13th)
    • Kansas (August 2nd)
    • Massachusetts (September 13th)
    • Michigan (August 2nd)
    • Minnesota (August 9th)
    • Missouri (August 2nd)
    • New Hampshire (September 13th)
    • New York (September 13th)
    • Ohio (August 2nd)
    • Rhode Island (September 13th)
    • Tennessee (August 4th)
    • Vermont (August 9th)
    • Washington (August 2nd)
    • Wisconsin (August 9th)
    • Wyoming (August 16th)
    • Virgin Islands (August 6th)
    • Guam (August 27th)



How Do I Reregister for Another Party or Independent?

Maine - please contact your municipal elections office
Minnesota - does not have party affiliation
Missouri - does not have party affiliation
Montana - does not have party affiliation
New Hampshire
New Jersey
New Mexico
New York
North Carolina
North Dakota - North Dakota is the only state without voter registration. 
Rhode Island
South Carolina - does not have party affiliation
South Dakota 
Vermont - does not have party affiliation
Virginia - does not have party affiliation
Washington - "Washington State does not ask for party affiliation when registering to vote. You may be asked to select a partisan ballot or designate a party when voting in a partisan primary."
West Virginia ("Mountain" is Green Party West Virginia)

Where Do I Go Next?

There are several options including The Green Party US, whose platform is closest to Bernie Sanders.
You can click here for information regarding how to find your local Green Party social media as well as information for new Greens!


You can also consider going Libertarian, if you're on the more Conservative side of the spectrum. I don't know much about them, but you can find their website here.


Additional parties, like the Socialist Party US is running a Presidential candidate race this year, but you may not be able to Register as Socialist Party US in all states. 

Why Writing Bernie In is Not a Viable Option

There are many many causes you can join, and the list below will continue to expand as #DemExit continues:

We have removed both Brand New Congress and NetGen Climate from our list, as it is clear they will only support Democrats, not other politicians who still meet their credentials on promise of a Green future. They are partisan.